Northeast Kansas
Wildlife Rescue
Kansa, a young bald eagle, now
at Prairie Park Nature Center
Marie Brockway and her latest crop of
Virginia opossums on release day
What should you do if you find
an animal that might need help
Dealing with nuisance wildlife
Our Mission
The goal of wildlife rehabilitation at   
Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue   is to
release healthy animals back to the wild and
provide wildlife education to the public.  
How you can help support wildlife
Becoming a wildlife rehabilitation
Wildlife Rehabilitation  Photos
Joyce Gabbard prepares to
release a year old beaver.
If you have found an animal that
may need help, call the hotline at:

Wildlife Rescue Hot line

(785) 575-1991
    The Wildlife Rehabilitator

    Wildlife rehabilitators must be
    licensed both by the state of
    Kansas and the US Fish & Wildlife

    To qualify for permits, most
    rehabilitators take courses and
    apprentice with experienced

    Rehabbers depend heavily on
    the services (most often
    donated) of local vets for the
    medical treatment of  the animals.

    The rehabilitator provides the  
    initial and ongoing care of the
Wildlife Rehabilitation Links:

Wildlife Information Directory

International Wildlife
Rehabilitation Council

National Wildlife Rehabilitators

Wildlife Rehabber Website
Hotline Volunteers and Transportors
Desperately Needed!!

You can help wildlife without becoming a
wildlife  Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue
needs Topeka area volunteers to help answer
our remotely operated wildlife rescue hotline,
answer the public's questions and transport
animals to the wildlife rehabilitators when
A 2-3 hour training is provided to help get you
started, with ongoing support from the
rehabilitation team.
Transport assistance is needed in the
Lawrence area as well.


Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue

Northeast Kansas
Wildlife Rescue

Sign up for the hotline or check for   
messages from the website by clicking
the  following link to the    Northeast
Kansas  Wildlife Rescue  Volunteer

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Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue, Inc.
3815 SW Cambridge Ave.
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Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue is a Kansas not for
profit corporation dedicated to caring for wildlife in
This website is maintained by Marty Birrell.
Found an injured animal??    Call our hotline at 575-1991.  

    Northeast Kansas Wildlife Rescue
    sponsors an all volunteer, state and
    federally licensed,  wildlife
    rehabilitation group that cares for
    between 1000 to 2000 animals each
    year from the  northeast Kansas
    area.  Over 25 volunteer
    rehabilitators and veterinarians care
    for animals from all over the NE
    Kansas area.

    The dedicated volunteers of wildlife
    rehabilitation operate a daily hotline
    that helps people who find wild
    animals in need of care get help